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Making investments accessible for everyone. That was the Peaks ambition. That's why Peak launched a mobile app, meant to communicate with people age 20 to 35. The new investment product had to be comprehensible, attractive and as simple as possible.
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investing with pocket change

Clients of Peaks don't have to invest big amount, but can start with a small budget. They can also choose to invest with their pocket change. When the investor makes a bank payment, the amount is rounded off to the next euro. The difference is transferred to the Peaks account and invested according to the selected profile.


experience utilized

We are you helped develop the minimal viable product of this app an the platform in a short amount of time. We are you has developed many financial apps for startups and this knowledge and expertise was very useful in the early stages of the development process. We have contributed in the concepting, design and development of the first version of the app. Because of this, Peaks could focus on client research, setting up an organization, compliance and go-to-market strategy.

Peaks could focus on other important requirements for success

onboarding by chat

Becoming a client, or customer onboarding, is done by means of a chatflow in the app. By alternating questions for the client with little pieces of information about investments, Peaks ensures that the client can take a well informed decision. The design is colourful and simple. Clear metaphors replace complex investment terminology. The risk taken within the investment portfolio is stated in little peppers and terms like spicy, pungent and hot.
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 "Peaks and We are you have collaborated as one team in the early stages of Peaks. We are you has provided Peaks with a great starting momentum."

- Tom Arends, co-founder of Peaks