digital strategy for Unicef the Netherlands

Unicef the Netherlands approached We are you to develop an overall digital strategy. We have succeeded in better aligning many digital initiatives and making the platform clearer and more relevant.

One of the challenges here was how to offer the many diverse target groups an optimal online experience via one website.




develop digital strategy

active contribution

With the site, Unicef ​​the Netherlands aims to inspire and inform volunteers, donors, businesses, but also to inform young people and policy-makers about the work that the children's rights organization performs while encouraging them to make an active contribution.

customer journey

We are you combined our extensive knowledge of the non-profit sector with our experience of creating many, varied optimal online customer experiences.

The ideal customer journeys of these target groups have been mapped out in detail. We identified the critical digital activities and moments in customer journeys using user research. Based upon this, we designed a strategic blueprint for the optimisation of all digital communication channels. The digital initiatives were better coordinated and the results are greatly improved.

"The new site allows us to tell powerful stories about the work our people are doing in dangerous places around the world; such as our efforts in war-torn Yemen."

- Marieke Roelfsema, emergency aid expert at UNICEF the Netherlands