renewed websites and the automation of business processes for Wecycle

Wecycle is the non-profit organization that takes care of the collection, recycling and reporting of e-waste. If you return an old electrical device or broken energy-saving lamp (e-waste) to a Wecycle collection point, this is not the end.

It is a new beginning. In 2016, Wecycle and their collection partners collected 110 million kilos of e-waste. Around the collecting and reporting, business processes have arisen that previously ran through various applications. With the arrival of the all-in-one solution of myWecycle is something from the past.




let consumers throw away less and automate business processes


collect and recycle e-waste into raw materials and the process runs through a robust processing portal

The Wecycle consumer platform helps the consumer to get a good feeling, because they can make a choice that suits them after using electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps. Most important message: whatever you choose, don't throw them away.

In addition, We are you has built the myWecycle platform, in which most of Wecycle's business processes are automated. Wecycle is a non-profit foundation that regulates the collection and recycling of e-waste in the Netherlands.
The result is a user-friendly platform that is suitable for different needs, target groups and purposes. The Wecycle corporate website, the completely new system for myWecycle and the consumer platform, which focuses on the following option for consumers, are linked to this platform.

  • to hand in
  • repair, by returning used electrical appliances and lamps for recycling
  • sell: market value is compared with recycling value
  • to win!

Research by KPMG shows that the recycling of e-waste translates not only into the reuse of raw materials but also into the employment perspective, says Jan Vlak, managing director of Wecycle. “Together with our partners, we want to collect as much e-waste as possible and recycle it into raw materials. In addition, our goal is to connect these activities with a social return as part of the circular economy. ”The new myWecycle platform offers a grip on the logistics network and insight into the chain. With this, Wecycle wants to ensure that the circular economy becomes a reality.

“The team has grown in no time. Different disciplines have collaborated intensively and the complexity was high. The international team of We are you proved us that they can handle such a project and I am very proud of the team and the result. ”

- Hanneke Raaijmakers, Coordinator IT and Product Owner Wecycle