digital self service for Woonstad Rotterdam

As a housing corporation you receive a wide variety of service requests. For Woonstad Rotterdam the role of digital in managing these requests is increasingly important. They strive to have their customers do as much themselves as possible, rather than having to call or visit an office, now more than ever. Based on the new corporate visual identity designed by Resoluut, We are you developed a new my-environment for them. 
Woonstad Rotterdam


Woonstad Rotterdam


digital self service


manageable my-environment in a fresh design

The new public website was replace at the end of 2019 by We are you. Now it was time for the client portal. Both the back-end and the front-end were replaced. This new environment must match the new corporate identity and be easier to manage by the Woonstad team. The new my environment and the website transition seamlessly into each other.

Primary principle was to offer the customers a guiding experience. Personal actions to take and notifications are instantly in view when they enter. All actions and forms are divided into small comprehensible steps. Clients must be able to pay their rent, cancel their lease or request a repair. Actions must be instantly entered into the right systems, without involvement of Woonstad employees.

a guiding client experience

In time clients of Stadswonen Rotterdam – a sister company of Woonstad Rotterdam – need a new my environment as well. That’s why the back-end was developed in open source .NET solution Composite. It can be linked to a front-end developed using React. Later the second front-end of Stadswonen Rotterdam can be added to the same back-end.

For this project we opted for a highly collaborative approach with a team in Rotterdam. Twice a week the Woonstad teams joins the Rotterdam team at the We are you location. Up until the point the teams switched to virtual meetings, due to Corona. By keeping short lines of communication and increasing the communication, the close collaboration can be maintained.  

open source .NET solution

The Woonstad my-environment in use

a crisp result

The final result is a my-environment in a crisp new design that is easier to manage. The design by Resoluut has been further refined and supplemented. A smart integration with the public website enables clients to start a repair request on the public site and find the status in the portal.

The launch of the new my-environment is one of the milestones in a successful long-term collaboration. The next step is building the my-environment for Stadswonen Rotterdam. Two environments – each with their own style and appearance - will then use the same code base. 

Because of the agile way of developing and collaborating we maintained a steady pace of developing our environments, even in Corona times, so our clients benefit from the new features sooner. With the We are you team we continued to connect closely in a virtual way for the reprioritization and refinement of functionality and to successfully complete the sprints.”

Bobbie van Beest – Product Owner Woonstad Rotterdam