user testing in a 1.5 meter world? this is how it's done!

These days we don't conduct user testing in the office anymore, but we do it remotely. In this webinar we take you on a journey to perform a usability test. What does it entail? What goes into the preparation? What does it offer? Icing on the cake are three conclusions we have drawn from every user test we've done. Sign up now and attend the webinar live or watch the recording at a later time. 

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July 2nd 2020


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CEST



after this webinar you know...

  • the added value of a usability test
  • the steps to set up a remote usability test 
  • the difference between a traditional test and an online test
  • three recommendations that apply to any marketeer, product owner or channel manager.

This webinar is held in Dutch.