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Drupal is the number 1 open source platform among large enterprise organizations, particularly companies that operate globally, higher education institutions and foundations. It lends itself perfectly for those wishing to deliver ambitious digital customer experiences. Modern technology, such as API-first development, personalization and marketing automation are part of the platform and are being constantly enriched by one of the most innovative and dedicated open source communities in the world.
team van Drupal developers

the benefits of Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open-source content management system. It is not connected to a company with profit making objectives, no license fees are charged. That is why Drupal is widely used by government agencies, municipalities, education and non-profit companies.

Precisely because Drupal is open source, it has one of the largest active development communities in the world. This ensures that a module is available for every purpose, so that the development of functionality can be swift.


Drupal is very scalable. It can be used for very small websites and for larger multi language sites. It can even be used on the most traffic intensive websites in the world. That can be constant intensive traffic or lower levels of traffic with occasional peaks.

Market orientation

Drupal develops nothing for the market. The market lets Drupal know what it needs. Unlike other CMS platforms, no standard is defined that determines how to use Drupal. The possibilities are endless.

Integrated digital applications


Drupal has a large ecosystem of digital marketing technologies and business technologies that can be easily integrated. That allows you to use a best-of-breed approach. You can use the best available tools and switch to a new, better tool just as easily. Drupal has an API-first focus, which means that it is much easier to distribute content via other websites and applications. It strengthens the power of your content.


The size of the Drupal community means that there are many eyes and ears that keep the Drupal environment secure. This means that you not only have your own development team that monitors the vulnerabilities in your interactions, but the eyes of the entire open source community. From the same community, solutions are also being developed to protect you: a reassuring thought.

Eugene Zenko, Drupal developer

content as a service

Using the well-structured data model from Drupal, you can display content in multiple views for a responsive web experience. You can also export the content to unlock it to an app or another application with REST services. Drupal's open architecture and api's offer a framework and tools to both build and integrate into other systems such as databases, content carriers or functionality, including marketing functionality. Content and delivery are independent of one another. This makes Drupal exceptionally suitable for an omnichannel approach. 

our Drupal experts

Within We Are You we have a large team of professionals with Drupal knowledge. These passionate developers not only like working with Drupal because of the strength, flexibility and security, but especially because of the endless possibilities it offers to solve issues for our customers and to offer more value to our customers.

Many of our Drupal developers are Acquia certified. We are active in various meetups, we organize in Drupal camps and events, we are community leaders and we contribute to Drupal modules. We organize a variety of events and user groups in the Netherlands and Minsk. We contribute to the quality of Drupal development with our partners Drupal Netherlands, Acquia and Pantheon.