OutSystems Low Code development

Create an application without expert programming knowledge. That is the promise of OutSystems. And that is what we regularly use this Rapid Application Development tool for. With only a few clicks you can put together a screen with underlying functionality. Developer and business can easily collaborate and quickly create a working product or prototype. This could be an enterprise app for use within an organization, or a mobile app or website.
team of OutSystem developers

push on innovation

Due to the limited development time OutSystems allows our customers to innovate and to quickly take an idea for a new product to market. Outsystem offers the option to use ready-made interface elements. Using those elements, he user interface can be realized quickly.

OutSystems also has links and connectors to frequently used systems such as Salesforce, Active Directory, Oracle, Azure, Paypal, SQL server and SAP. Developers can make their own connector, because OutSystems can work with standard web services such as REST and SOAP. This makes the setting up of links with back office systems or databases easy.

We have created the complete membership database for the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) including the processing and storage of scorecards and links with external software from golf clubs in OutSystems. This member database is in turn connected to the golf.nl web platform in Sitecore and the golf.nl mobile app created in Xamarin.

Danny Ferwerda, OutSystems developer
Danny Ferwerda, OutSystems developer
laptop with OutSystems screen