Sitecore experience platform

The tagline from Sitecore says it all: "Create meaningful interactions that connect with customers and connect across channels". Sitecore has long been more than just a Content Management System. We are you use Sitecore every day to create valuable interactions with our clients, for our clients. It is important for customers to find what they are looking for through all channels. With no fewer than four Sitecore MVPs, We are you are an experts in the effective deployment of Sitecore. 

what is Sitecore

Sitecore is a platform that functions as CMS (Content management system). This goes further than just the placing and management of content. It has fully integrated marketing tools. This allows you to combine content, commercial objectives, audience segmentation and personalization. Sitecore offers complete control and freedom over the HTML while at the same time, enabling you to achieve exactly the desired end result.

Experience Editor and personalization


One of the ways to customize content is with the Experience Editor. This allows you to adjust the content directly on the page. The result of your change is immediately visible. That makes the making of changes a lot more immediate and less technically demanding.

The content can be personalized based on customer characteristics and their behaviour on the website. Sitecore helps to map that behaviour. By personalizing the content you achieve the most relevant customer experience. This leads to higher levels of customer engagement.

omnichannel and marketing automation

Nowadays continuous interaction with the customer is needed to achieve maximum results. All interactions with the customer must reinforce each other. Sitecore supports two important elements that contribute to this: an omnichannel approach and marketing automation. By having a platform that not only supports a website, but all associated channels, you can ensure that you have a uniform appearance for your customer. With the help of marketing automation you ensure a constant relevant interaction with your customer without continuous effort.
Rob Habraken, Sitecore MVP

Sitecore partner

Since We are you introduced Sitecore to the Netherlands in 2005, we have gained a lot of experience. We are you has been an implementation partner in large projects for clients within various industries. In addition to corporate websites We are you have developed numerous customer portals. Especially when working with customer portals, strong, pertinent customer interaction is imperative. We use data from CRM systems and other third party systems and personalized content from Sitecore. We enjoy our work for clients such as Landal, Knab, Eneco, Van Lanschot and many others.

Sitecore MVPs expertise

Now we have 4 Sitecore MVPs in house. MVP stands for most valuable professional. It is a title awarded by Sitecore to the Sitecore specialists who contribute most to the growth of knowledge and expertise. Worldwide there are only 315 recognised professionals in 2019. Along with the Sitecore MVPs there are more than 50 certified developers working at We are you.