native Android and iOS mobile apps with Xamarin

When you want to deliver an app to the consumer, you want this app to be available both for Android and iOS, the operating systems of Google and Apple for smartphones. However, these operating systems are completely different. That means that you have to make the effort of developing the app twice. To limit the development effort, at We are you we regularly opt for a framework, that allows for a single effort to develop native mobile apps for both Android and iOS mobile simultaneously. Xamarin is such a framework.

Koen Deleij, Xamarin developer

Xamarin has been part of Microsoft since 2016. Developers use one of the most commonly used programming languages, C#, to develop the core of the mobile app. This core is the foundation upon which a specific user interface for Android and iOS is added.The development effort that’s unique to the operation system is therefore limited to the user interface. The backend is shared.

reuse of Xamarin components for websites

An advantage of Xamarin is that the core of the mobile application can also be used for other platforms, such as the website. We have applied this for to the mobile app of the Dutch Golf Federation. A large part of the core of the mobile app is also used in the My Golf environment. We also worked with Xamarin for our client Landal Greenparks.


benefits of Xamarin

  • user interface with native elements and user interaction that the Android or Apple user is familiar with
  • high performance mobile app, similar to a mobile app that was created especially for that operating system
  • Microsoft as a driving force
  • cross platform app: software can be reused for the website
  • one development environment and one time building knowledge acquisition for the backend development for both Android and iOS
Koen Deleij, Xamarin developer
Koen Deleij, Xamarin developer
Het uittekenen van een 'flow' voor Xamarin
Drawing a 'flow' for Xamarin

other frameworks

Aside from Xamarin, we regularly use React Native  for app development. Both frameworks have their specific strengths. Xamarin is particularly useful when you want to offer functionality through and app as well as a website. We always select the development platform in close consultation with the stakeholders. Off course the option of a native development approach using Java, Objective C, Kotlin or Swift is always there as well. Whatever the outcome, we always aim to achieve our clients objectives as efficiently as possible.