applicant data

This privacy statement is meant for everyone applying to a vacancy at We are you B.V. It applies to all We are you B.V. entities. Hereafter we continue to refer to these entities as We are you.

Here you can find what information we store, why, how, how long and with whom we share information. General information about processing personal data, contact information, your rights and data security can be found in the general privacy statement  on the We are you website.

which personal data do we process?

We are you will process your personal data once you apply to a vacancy. You can apply online on our website. The following information is required in the application form: 

  • Your full first and last name;

  • Your email address;
  • A recent version of your resumé.
  • This personal data is mandatory with every application.

    what do we use the personal data for?

    We are you processes your personal data for the following purposes.

    • Registering your application;

    • Assessing your fit with the vacancy;

    • Contacting you about the vacancy by phone or email.

    • Performing a screening of your online activities.

    • We can process your personal data based on consent or a justified interest. 

      Consent is given by sending the filled application form using the button. 

      Justified interest applies when performing a screening of your online activities. We are you screens your online activity to assess if you display appropriate online behavior. We are you can also check your references. 

how long do we store your data?

We are you does not store your personal data longer than required. The personal data you provide for your application will be kept no longer than up to 4 weeks after the completion of the application procedure. We can ask for your permission to keep your data for an extra period of no longer than 1 year. 

with whom do we share personal data?

We are you does not share personal data with external agencies. Your personal data is shared within the We are you group.

Latest changes

This privacy statement for applicants has been last changed on November 21st 2019.