solution architect

Working on scalable and flexible IT solutions, while overseeing complex code bases, advise on design patterns and ensure that best practice is maintained. Within the Amsterdam office we work almost exclusively for clients within the financial services industry.

36-40 hours




hours per week

36-40 hours



your challenge

Leading the development and deployment of end to end solutions with clients in line with their requirements. You will run your own projects as well as work closely with the pre-sales team. The projects can take up to six months or more and you will do this together with your We are you teammates.

Translating technical requirements, models and software architecture into business and product requirements, for your clients. In this role you represent We are you and, together with your project manager, you will have contact with the client on all levels. With your technical knowledge, you will advise the client about our products. The key is to make clients enthusiastic about your knowledge and your translation of the digital world, banking and insurance industry into an innovative architecture. During your collaboration with the client, you will manage the client's expectations regarding the system functionality and performance. This includes making technical decisions on architecture and assisting our clients with their IT infrastructure, as required

knowledge & skills

Working closely with your teammates and coordinating all aspects within the software development life cycle including functional and technical design, systems integration and formal testing tasks. You will leave the coding to the developers, but you won’t forget what you’ve learned.

  • understanding of coding and experience with leading a team
  • capable of problem solving through innovation, making confident decisions under pressure with aggressive time frames
  • you are social, easy to talk to and can interact with business owners as well as developers
  • it is easy-peasy lemon squeezy for you to translate complex IT concepts to business stakeholders and non-technical colleagues
  • extensive knowledge of computer systems, operating systems, system security measures, database management and web platforms
  • balanced mix of technical and business skills
  • microsoft technology experience would be desirable

what can you expect from us

We are a team of ambitious and down to earth people who love sharing their knowledge and get things done. You will get the opportunity to work on awesome projects for our clients in the financial services industry, with room to come up with new ideas and follow through on them. Within our international and playful environment, you can create your own career path within We are you, nothing is too crazy.

  • work with different techs in a fun and open environment
  • freedom to attend conferences, initiate meet-ups, participate in hackathons
  • occasionally you will travel to your clients worldwide
  • and of course a competitive salary